IPTV Goes Mlm Triniti Communications Wireless Opportunity Get Paid From TV

IPTV is multi-channel, Internet protocol television which can facilitate the delivery of multi-definition content. Instead of a signal being transmitted via satellite, cable or terrestrial routes, the IPTV signal is transmitted via a broadband line. This helps consumers watch IPTV on a PC, or on other compatible forms of media such as a mobile telephone or a gaming console. IPTV technology is changing the way many of us are viewing video media. Offering many benefits over traditional cable or satellite broadcast methods, IPTV uses the internet to stream its content
Recent statistics on IPTV from the Multimedia Research Group indicate a strong upward trend for the technology. In 2008, actual IPTV subscribers ended up at about 1 million over its last forecast in late 2008, or 21.3 million, resulting in projected subscriber growth of 26.9 million in 2009 to over 81 million in 2013. Triniti communications Nuclius Home 1080p High Definition Internet Television service (HD IPTV). We are a cable or satellite company's worst nightmare and the end of TV monopolies, high prices, inferior service and old school technology. Imagine a world with the clarity of satellite HDTV and the dependability of cable HDTV, plus great HD channels, Internet TV channels, HD movie rentals and a whole lot more. Imagine all of this being delivered right across your broadband Internet connection to your HDTV! Well we welcome you to the next generation of HD television. We welcome you to the world of Nuclius! Here is some of what you can expect from Nuclius:

Hundreds of Standard and Premium HD Channels!
Thousands of Internet Television Channels!
Powerful Programming Guide With DVR!
Completely PORTABLE HDTV Service!
Extra Large Internal Hard Drive For Storage!
Blu-Ray and DVD Playback!
Lectron Expansion: One Nuclius Box ...Multiple TVs!
View Live TV And DVR Content On Your Mobile!
Record Programs WITHOUT Commercials!
Integrated Premium VoIP Phone Service!
2 Incredible Flavors To Suit Your Tastes!
3 Packed Programming Package Options!
Powerful VoIP Video Conferencing!
Multiple Format Data Card Reader!
Divine Fortress Integrated Home Security!
FacePoint Premises Access Control!
Browse The Web On Your TV!
Access The Media On Your PC/Laptop!
Rent Your Movies Through Nuclius!
Premium Music & Pay Per View!
HVAC and Lighting Automation!
HD IPTV service has been realizing explosive growth in Asia and Europe over the last 3 years and Triniti Communications International will be the first major contender to properly introduce it to the US consumer base in a revolutionary and successful way. at&t was the first to do so in the U.S. with their inferior U-Verse IPTV service to some degree of success but we feel we can do much better for numerous reasons. at&t has gained much traction in this industry here in the U.S.

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