ChatGPT on Your Mobile Phone

Nova is another famous AI Android GPT app. Chat with it to get the complete and comprehensive answers to questions. It even has the capability to answer open-ended questions, problem-solve, and solve complex equations. This simply works on the mechanism of ChatGPT-4 to conversate and answer the questions.

An additional and interesting feature recently introduced by Nova is the AI Characters. The app allows you to talk with a customized AI bot depicting a celebrity or a character. The selected AI chatbot will give you the experience of conversing with a selected AI assistant.

Nova offers advanced features like Photo Identification and Image Generation. Photo Identification assists in identifying and explaining objects. Meanwhile, the Image Generation generates an AI-based picture complying with your guidelines and instructions.

One of the cons of this app is the hefty fee. It is not a free AI chatbot and comes with only three daily credits, which require you to buy additional words.

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