Easily Create Products to Sell Online For Residual Passive Income

My first online success was with an eBook that I wrote called Secrets of a Millionaire Magician by Randy Charach. The book was about marketing and was targeted to the specific niche of professional magicians.

It made a lot of sense for me to write a book for magicians considering I was a professional magician for 20 years. In fact, one of the reasons I was successful with the eBook is because it was a subject I was passionate about. It didn't seem like work to write or promote the book since I loved the subject so much. That made everything flow quickly and smoothly.

It was a fun project for me, and the material has been well received by the magic community, making it a very profitable venture which I still earn money from on a regular basis to this very day. The reason I'm telling you this is because I want you to start thinking about what you're passionate about. Make a list and check it twice!

Making money online is fun -- and even more fun when you're involved in a subject matter that genuinely interests you. Selling an eBook or a manual, a CD or DVD...or maybe a set that combines these elements is easy to put together and have huge profit margins. A digitally delivered eBook is almost 100% profit to you. 
 A physical product, like a CD and Transcript set, will typically sell for ten times your cost to produce and ship the item. These profit margins are unheard of in practically any other business. Ok, back to selecting a niche which you're passionate about... 

It helps if you have knowledge, experience and skill in the subject matter of your product. But as long as you have the passion it's not essential for you to be an expert in that topic and here's an example why...

I totally suck at playing Texas Holdem Poker, but at one time a few years ago I got into it, I got the itch... and I decided since I was losing money at the poker table, maybe I could make some of that money back by creating an information product on the subject. 

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