Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan

Mediterranean Diet meal plan is Helpful to Live an Energetic Heart-Healthy Life…

For hale and hearty life, nothing is as effective as mediterranean diet meal plan. It has been proven through research that Mediterranean food plan saves the body from heart diseases. Almost 1.5 million people are observed to proof that healthy diet reduces the chances of cancer, heart problems, Alzheimer and Parkinson.

How to Use Mediterranean Food for Energetic Life?

Though there are many ways to bring change in your diet plan, but here are some crucial changes which are highly effective for risk free life:

Role of Healthy Oils:

Though oily substances are unhygienic but the use of healthy oil can boost up your energy. Instead of using margarine, oil and butter, go for the extra virgin healthy olive oil. It is the best alternate for saturated fats, which are dangerous to health. Olive oil is based on mono-unsaturated fats. According to mediterranean diet meal plan, the use of walnut oil, canola and sun flower oil are helpful to boost up the vitality as omega 3 is present in them.

Use of Protein:

Instead of using red meat, bring change in your life by adding fish, nuts, turkey, skinless chicken and beans. The red meat is liable to increase the amount of fat in the body. Consequently, use fat free kind of meat or other food products. You can make change in your food habit by adopting mediterranean diet meal plan. Include in your food menu to eat fish twice in a week. Don’t try to take fry fish. Salmon and Tuna fish are perfect for a healthy heart. These have high quantity of poly-unsaturated fat such as omega 3.

Give Preference to Vegetables:

The mediterranean diet plan forces the use of vegetables in daily life. It is better to include up to 7 serving of a variety of vegetables in your diet. There can be half cup up to 2 cups vegetables in your meal. Instead of selecting just one vegetable, choose different kinds of vegetable with changed color to get high amount of vitamins and antioxidant.

You can a make a food plan with by adding your favorite vegetables in diet.Vegetables Include cheddar omelet or spinach in your breakfast. Prepare nutritious soup to get an energy giving source for lunch. Salads as well as roasted carrots are appropriate for nigh meal. Green salad is a way to enjoy food through a healthful diet on daily basis.

Use Pasta, Whole Grain Bread and Barley:

A life with the healthy body and mind are the most precious gift of God. In order to maintain your healthy life style, select mediterranean diet meal plan to have heart healthy and disease free life. You may have heard about whole grain for weight loss and diet perspective. Unrefined whole grain cannot only help in reducing the weight but also provide energy to body to keep on performing the daily exhausting task.Whole Grain Bread

Quinoa is the kind of grain which can be cooked in less than half an hour. You can use this meal to enjoy at weekend. Side by side, add barley in your diet as it has high quantity fiber. You can use a delicious soup of mushrooms with barley. Oatmeal is ideal for morning meal. If there is winter season, the hot oatmeal gives you energy for a long strenuous day.

The mediterranean diet plan suggests the use of Popcorn. You can use other food products which are made up of whole grain such as pasta or bread. Before purchasing a food packet, check the ingredient list. The name “whole grain” should be mentioned on the packet of pasta or bread as the foremost ingredient. In case, you can’t find such products easily, there are many other options as well. You can purchase pasta which is made up of whole grain and wheat.

Fruit Desert to Change the Taste of Tongue:

It is a proverb that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Not only apple but there are many other fruits which are best for a healthy and full of energy life. Fresh fruits are the basic source of Calcium, Vitamin C, Fiber, Iron and antioxidants. The sweet and sour taste of different fruits will make your meal mouth watering. The mediterranean diet suggests the use of fruit desert with the little use of sugar. Cut pear, apple, apricot and peach for a desert, add some brown sugar, honey or white sugar to get a tasty fruit mixture. Keep on using the fruits in the morning.fruits_diet

It is important to give fruit juices to your family members in breakfast. The use of fruits when you are hungry really makes a difference. It gives energy to heart, makes the bones stronger and enhances the beauty and skin freshness. There are different stores which have exotic fruits. You can purchase 2 to 3 fruits for a week and enjoy the appetizing fruits for the whole week.

Take your Food in Relaxing Mood

The Mediterranean diet meal plan has different foods, but it is the foundation of a healthy life to get pleasure while eating. Don’t ever try to gulp the food within 2 to 3 minutes. It is suggested that the family member should sit together on the dining table and spare almost 20 minutes for meal. Most of the people keep on eating while watching the TV. It is unhealthy habit as you can’t understand how you are eating and how much you have taken in your stomach. With you family or your friends, you cannot only eat in slow motion but also enjoy the small chit chat. Keep on eating until you are feeling full.mood-diet

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