Must Have Cannabis Accessories For Stoners

What’s in your stash box? If you’ve been smoking weed for a while, you likely have a collection of cannabis accessories. What’s more, they all likely need an upgrade. That’s right. We know you have filled your stash box with cannabis riff-raff, like crumpled up papers, sticky grinders, and dirty dab nails. Its also all probably coated in fine dust and crusty crumbs.

We get it. These are the types of cannabis accessories that you forget about. But you can do better. It’s time to refresh your outdated cannabis kit with a makeover. Buy cannabis accessories in Canada, to upgrade your smoking experience and stock up on supplies.

Getting a brand new pipe or bong, and ditching the dirty one you’ve been holding on to is only the start. There is a big wild world out there, filled with marvelous new high end, geeky, and beautiful new cannabis accessories. Here are the must-have cannabis accessories for stoners in 2020.

  1. Update Your Dabber: If you love resins and terps sauce, you’ll likely have a trusty metal tool of some sort. This tool helps you work the concentrate and avoid getting your fingers sticky. A metal tool is essential for dabbers. But instead of that old nail, you found in the garage, did you know they made specialty tools these days? Dabbers come in all shapes and sizes, just as unique as the many types of concentrates you can find on the market. All have a comfortable grip, and some come doubled-ended with a tool on each side: one to work the sticky shatters, and the other to work with gooey terps sauces.
  2. Bodiva Humidity Packs: It’s time to elevate your stash box and improve the smoke. This is the 21st century, and it’s not just about hiding your Bubba kush; it’s about storing it in the ideal conditions. Dried cannabis needs to be kept at around 60 percent humidity to stay fresh and smooth to smoke. This is also the perfect level to protect it from mold and bacteria growth. Buy cannabis accessories in Canada and upgrade your smoke experience even before you light up. Bodiva is a cannabis-specific humidity regulating pack, designed to correct the humidity wherever you store your weed. Add a Bodiva humidity pack into your glass container along with that newly purchased flower. It is a two-way system that either absorbs excess moisture or adds it if needed.
  3. The Perfect Blunt Papers: Nothing beats a perfectly rolled joint. That means buying papers designed for rolling blunts, not for rolling cigarettes. Raw Papers have been pumping out crisp papers ideal for rolling spliffs, joints, and blunts since the very beginning. If you want to upgrade your stash of rolling papers, just grab a pack of Raw Papers. They come in a variety of sizes, and make that next smoke session smooth.

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