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How to Make an Exhibit

How To Make an Exhibit

Here is a web page with step by step instructions on how to create an exhibit in Second Life.

By following these steps you will create a Pi Glass, a glass that is as tall as the distance around its circumference.

To learn more about making shapes in Second Life known as primsĀ 
Go to The Ivory Tower of prims, Natoma (210,164,27)

To learn more about applying textures
Go to the texture Tutorial, Benten 23,112,28

For the advanced art of making textures with tranparent regions using Adobe Photoshop

To learn how to script

Museum Graphics in Second Life

You can make a sign by going into build and creating a blank rectangle.
Then drag text and images which you have created as a jpeg or even better a tga from inventory onto the sign.

You can also have the exhibit graphic give a notecard when it is touched, see the Pi Glass instructions above.

The notecard will contain text, it can also give an image to the viewer. The notercard can give another notecard to allow the viewer to access deeper information. It can give landmarks that send the viewer to other locations. It can also give a URL to send the viewer to the web.

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