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Adding Video To A Parcel

Try adding a video texture to an object.  To do this, you need to have a group role that allows you to change the media settings for the parcel.

Select About Land… from the World menu.  You can also select About Land from the right-click menu or by clicking on the parcel name in the menu bar. Click on the Media tab and then enter a url for a video by clicking on the Set… button next to Media URL. Video urls can use the streaming RTSP protocol or they can use the standard HTTP protocol.  Video files are played back using QuickTime services within the Second Life client so they must be a media file type playable by QuickTime player, such as MOV, MP4, or MPG, etc.

Here are some streaming media urls to try:


Set the Media Type to ‘Movie’.

Now, you need to specify which texture available on objects on the parcel should be replaced by the video.  Click the Replace Texture texture sample.  This will open up the standard texture chooser.  Select a texture from your inventory.

Lastly, assign the tetxure you chose as the video replacement texture to an object on the parcel.

Now, when the video is activated for playback by a visitor, the video replacement texture is replaced with the video at the media url you entered.

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