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Content Creation in Second Life

Second Life? is a multi-user 3D virtual world which supports user-created and managed content, a world economy, embedded multi-media objects, and many other features.

One of the greatest resources of all is th SL Knowledge Base

One of the best ways to find things in Second Life is to use the Community Search

Many Free or inexpensive Objects/scripts/and textures are available from two of the biggest vendors in SL

News & Other Sources of Info about Goings on in SL

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  1. If you are serious about content creation / design (not hobby but a job) I recommend other platforms than second life (pick any platform that is secure and reliable with payments)..

    Im a computer programmer in RL life.. First time I see second life Im impressed with combination of LSL and programming in a 3D platform.

    I spend reasonable time and and effort to create content in SL at the start I earned like 100 – 200 USD monthly.. however more products I develop / Improve more I earn overtime In the about 1000 – 2000 USD monthly however they requested a w8 non US citizen document with my government photos and a bill that shows my address directly. I filled requested documents.. they keep paying me about 1-2 months more.. now every time I request payment they keep denying with no reason.

    Getting strange responses like…

    “In order to process credit out of the Second Life system, your account must be in compliance with the Terms of Service. Your account is currently in need of action or review. Please contact us so that we can assist you.”

    “Unfortunately we are unable to disclose or discuss the exact reason for the decline. You are welcome to resubmit your request in 2 weeks; time, at which point the transaction will be re-evaluated.
    Repeated frequent requests will increase the chance of denial. Please do not submit another payout request until a full two weeks (14 full days) from the date of your last request.”

    “Please DO NOT contact us as we can NOT assist you.”

    If you are a designer who had real education and skilled with content creation I don’t recommend second life as a design platform. You have to choose more secure and reliable platforms for this..

    According LL ToS they have right to take over your content and sell it on your behalf by banning you / or disabling pay out request.


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