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LIVE Webcast of the Transit of Venus Streamed Into Second Life


The Exploratorium’s team of Second Life staff and volunteers put on another mixed-reality webcast viewing event in SL on June 5th, 2012, extending the museum and online event of the Exploratorium’s live webcast of the 2012 Transit of Venus into the virtual world. Avatar-scientist Patio Plasma hosted the in-world event which featured the 6.5 hr long live webcast of telescopic images of the sun and the rare planetary transit. Volunteers in SL helped avatars see the stream. For this event, we tried a different method of putting the stream into SL–using the HTML on a prim feature of the SL viewer. This method proved to be workable, though not as easy to use for SL residents as the traditional approach of replacing a prim texture with a Quicktime stream. With each event, we learn more about the best ways to use the multimedia features of SL and how to engage avatars with live webcasts.

Author: Rob Rothfarb

Rob Rothfarb directs Web development at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, a museum of science, art, and human perception. He develops online exhibits, educational resources, and technical infrastructure for the museum. He’s interested in the application of interactive media technologies to the development of dynamic, networked content and media infrastructure to support exploration, communication, and learning. His background includes experience in software development, computer graphics, interaction design, and digital video. Rob’s interest in community and interactive 3D technologies led to work with several pioneering virtual world software companies and to interactive multimedia projects for museums including the National Gallery of Art and the National Constitution Center.

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